A woman took her father out for dinner and got him drunk before setting him ablaze and killing him. The crime was captured by a CCTV camera.

The horrific incident happened Sunday night in Kolkata, India. 

The woman, identified as 22-year-old Piyali Auddy, told her 56-year-old father, identified as Biswanath, that she is going out for dinner with her friends and that she wanted him to accompany her. She lured him saying that there would be free drinks.

The man agreed and both of them left for the restaurant. Auddy lied to her family members that she is unwell and is going to the hospital for a check-up.

The father-daughter duo reached the restaurant where she gave him a splendid dinner. Auddy then proposed the idea of drinking on the banks of the Hooghly river, to which Biswanath agreed.

The victim got drunk and passed out on a bench near the river. Auddy then took a can of kerosene which she had carried along and emptied it on her father and set him on fire. She then fled the scene and went back home.

Passerbys who witnessed the burning body alerted the police. The responding officers found a wallet near the charred body and identified the victim. The officers checked the CCTV visuals from the nearby building and confirmed the suspect.

Auddy was arrested a short while later from her home. During the interrogation, the suspect confessed to the crime. She told the police that she committed the crime because she could no longer suffer the physical assault and emotional torture that her father was inflicting on her after her mother died. She said that it had all ended after she got married. 

“But, as her marriage broke off and she returned home, the torture started again," a police officer said, India Today reported. "We are verifying her claims," the officer added.

Officials said that Auddy has been planning the crime for a very long time. She was looking for the right opportunity to free herself from her father’s torture.

She was produced in court Monday. The charges imposed on her are unclear. She will remain in police custody until March 29.

Bonfire Representational image. Photo: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images