A young man ended up suffering serious burn wounds after his employer doused him with petrol and set him on fire. The reason behind it was the victim demanding his salary according to his father.

The victim was identified as 28-year-old Irashad Umar. He served as a domestic helper to Umar Akram of Wapda Town, Multan who has not paid his wages for two months. Akram reportedly lost his temper and subjected Umar to severe torture before setting him on fire.

Neighbors alerted police of the incident when they heard the screams of the boy. Akram was booked at the Bahauddin Zakaria station according to a first information report (FIR). More details on the incident have yet to be known with Askram expected to undergo interrogation.

Umar was brought to the Pak-Italian Modern Burn Centre at Multan's Nishtar Hospital for treatment and was said to be in critical condition. They confirmed that the employee had suffered burn wounds on 30% of his body.

According to the claims of Umar’s father, his son was employed at Akram’s home. He claims that this was not the first time that Akram had threatened to burn his son for repeatedly demanding his pay.

"Yesterday, the suspect, Akram, came to the house and set my son [Irshad Umar] on fire before fleeing," the father was quoted as saying in the FIR.

In another related domestic helper case, authorities were also able to rescue a 13-year-old female worker after being brutally tortured by a landlord for accidentally breaking a crockery item.

It appears the girl was able to escape with highway police personnel able to recover her. The minor told authorities what she went through at the residence of a former Nazim in People’s Colony No 2 of the city.

Burning wood Representational image. creative commons