6 Ways To Deal With Bullying (image: johnhain/pixabay)

A 15-year-old boy allegedly killed himself two days after he told his mother that he was being bullied at school in Heard County, Georgia.

Austin McEntyre, 15, a freshman at Heard County High School, told his mother Lisa McEntyre that he was being bullied at school. Two days after telling his mother about the incident, Austin took his own life and shot himself dead, 11Alive News reported.

Austin told his mother Lisa that he was sick and said he didn’t want to go to school on Nov. 4. However, when Lisa was about to make him do a nasal swab to test for COVID-19, he finally admitted that he wasn’t sick. He told Lisa that he was being bullied at school and that the bullies had pantsed him with his shorts and underwear. Lisa immediately called the principal who assured her that he would be looking into the matter.

Later, when Lisa learned that those involved were being dealt with, she thought to herself things were on the up and up. Even though she tried to talk to Austin about the incident, he was a little reluctant to give a lot of detail about how badly he was being bullied, Meaww reported.

The next day, on Saturday, Nov. 5, Lisa and her son went for a walk on their property and talked about things. During the walk, Austin told her that he didn’t feel he had many friends. The statement along with what happened earlier in the week made Lisa ask Austin if he would ever commit suicide to reassure herself. However, Austin immediately without hesitation said “No.”

On Sunday, Nov. 6 morning, she went to work. As her shift ended, she noticed she had two missed calls from the Heard County Sheriff’s Office. She said they were looking for Austin after they were notified he might be trying to harm himself. When Lisa got to her home, she saw the deputies, who informed her that Austin had shot himself dead.

"We are investigating a self-inflicted gunshot wound from a student at Heard County High School. We are looking for reasons behind the incident,” the Heard County Sheriff’s Office said.

Following Austin's death, Lisa is trying to get a message out to students, not just in Heard County, but anywhere when it comes to just being nice.

“I want kids to be kind and compassionate and inclusive of everybody. They don’t need to isolate kids and make them feel like they’re not worth something,” she said.

Lisa hopes that people will reach out for help if anyone finds themselves in a situation like her son.

“People are wanting and willing to listen and help. Don’t ever feel like you’re ever carrying this whole world on your shoulders alone. You’re not,” she said.

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