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A 15-year-old boy allegedly killed his mother after she insisted on re-admitting him to the school hostel in Erode, Tamil Nadu, India on Wednesday, Oct. 12.

The accused 15-year-old boy, a student in ninth grade at a private school in Sathyamangalam, Erode, was reportedly attending his school classes by staying in the school hostel. However, recently, the boy refused to continue staying in the hostel and returned back home, the Hindu reported.

The boy's mother, 36-year-old Yuvarani, who worked at the electricity board, was reportedly angry over the boy's poor performance in the quarterly examination at the school. Upset over his poor performance, the mother threatened him saying that she would readmit him to the school hostel. Following this, the minor boy reportedly had a heated argument with his mother over the issue.

Following the argument, when the boy's father, 42-year-old Arunselvan, a contractor by profession, was away from home at work, the boy sneaked up on his mother at around 12 a.m. while she was sleeping. He then attacked the mother with a flower vase and a hollow block and smashed the objects on her head. Yuvarani reportedly suffered grievous head injuries in the attack and started bleeding profusely. After brutally attacking his mother, the boy reportedly fled the scene.

Meanwhile, hearing the noises, the boy's 12-year-old sister came to check on her mother. She found her mother lying in a pool of blood and raised an alarm. Neighbors and locals heard the girl's screams for help and rushed to the scene. Seeing Yuvarani injured and in a pool of blood, the neighbors immediately took her to the Government Hospital at Sathyamangalam, Erode for emergency treatment. However, despite the efforts and swift action by the neighbors, the doctors declared her dead on arrival.

Following the incident, the Punjai Puliyampatti police officers were alerted about the murder. The officers responded to the scene, inspected the spot, and fingerprint experts and a dog were pressed into service.

The boy, who had gone to hiding after committing the murder, was later nabbed by the police and was taken to the station.

The officers have launched an investigation into the incident.

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