A 15-year-old Indiana boy who allegedly murdered a girl, 6, will undergo a psychological evaluation.

The South Bend Tribune reported that a judge presiding over the March 2021 murder of the New Carlisle girl, Grace Ross, ruled Tuesday that psychological examinations are needed. They are required to determine if Anthony Hutchens, who is charged with two counts of murder and one count of child molesting, is competent to stand trial.

The teen first said that a “shadowy man was controlling him,” making him strangle the girl with his hands, according to a report from the St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office, reported 16 News Now.

The boy, who is currently in custody at a youth center in Kokomo, will be evaluated by two local doctors. They will then submit their findings to the court for review after the Tuesday order from Jeffrey Sanford, who is the St. Joseph County Superior Court judge. If the teenager is found legally insane or incompetent, proceedings will shift toward considerations for psychiatric care. According to New York Post, the evaluations are expected before August.

On March 12, Hutchens was 14 when he allegedly molested and fatally strangled Ross in a wooded area of Carlisle. She was reported missing by her family and several hours later, her body was found. The teen allegedly told cops that the girl followed him into the woods near the apartment complex where they both lived before she was killed. He ran off after the murder and was later arrested.

Hutchens' mother testified in a hearing that her son is on the autism spectrum. He also suffers from a sensory disorder. The case was originally in youth court, but has since been moved to adult court. In the case, his legal team has reportedly been planning to use an insanity defense. According to Indiana code, trials that involve an insanity defense can have four outcomes. It can either be guilty or not guilty or not responsible by reason of insanity or guilty but mentally ill.

His lawyers have also requested to have the case decided by a judge rather than a jury. Prosecutors have not yet weighed in on it.

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