A 15-year-old Nigerian girl was allegedly gang-raped by her "uncle" and six of his friends. The teen victim suffered serious injuries and was hospitalized after neighbors found her bleeding.

The alleged abuse happened Friday, May 7, in the city of Issele-Uku in Delta State.

Nigerian activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, was the first to report the incident on his Facebook page. He has been following the case since then.

"Our attention was drawn to a case of a young girl aged 15 who was raped by seven able-bodied men in Issele-Uku yesterday," Gwamnishu wrote.

The teen girl allegedly had a scuffle going on with a woman living in the neighborhood. The woman’s son who mediated the fight asked the teen girl to come to his place so he could hear her side of the story.

"The young girl had issues with a woman in the community, her son, one of the culprits whom she saw as a big uncle called her to hear her side of the story, she got there at about 7 pm in the evening," Gwamnishu wrote.

Once at the home, the victim was forcefully dragged into a room where her uncle and six of his friends took turns to brutally rape her.

"As she was trying to explain what happened to the man, he dragged her inside the room where 6 of his friends were waiting, turned on the music, increased the volume so that nobody would hear their heinous act, and then took turns on this young girl," Gwamnishu wrote.

The teen girl was hospitalized with serious injuries. She was bleeding heavily when she was found by some neighbors who rushed her to the hospital nearby.

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"She sustained 2° perineal tear, bleeding profusely, and was in severe pains. Some indigenes took her to the hospital in the community where it was certified that hymen was torn jaggedly," Gwamnishu wrote.

"Behind Bars Family led by Harrison Gwamnishu stepped in and took her to Asaba Specialist Hospital for further medical care."

On Sunday, the victim’s condition began deteriorating and there was an urgent requirement for blood.

"She needs more than a pint of blood," Gwamnishu wrote another post requesting for blood donation.

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Hundreds of local netizens offered to help the girl. "I called for two, hundred showed up. Thank you, family," the activist wrote.

The girl’s current condition is unknown, however, doctors say she is expected to recover soon.

The authorities have confirmed to take strict action against the miscreants. No arrests have been reported yet.

Bed Covered In Blood
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