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A 16-year-old boy reportedly died after a television exploded while he was watching a movie at his friend's house in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India on Tuesday, Oct 4.

The deceased boy, identified as Omendra Kumar, 16, was at his friend Karan's house watching television while having lunch on Tuesday, Oct 4. While the boys were watching television, the wall-mounted LCD TV reportedly exploded, triggering a portion of the wall to collapse as well, the Times Of India reported.

Karan's mother Omwati, 50, was also in the room doing some household work near the two boys. Meanwhile, Monica, Omwati's daughter-in-law, was also sleeping on the ground floor. Since the blast impact was so strong, a portion of the house wall collapsed on Monica while the side wall of the building was also damaged.

Following the incident, police rushed to the two-story house after they were informed about the incident by the neighbors.

The officers responded to the scene and took all four people who were injured in the incident to a nearby hospital for treatment. However, since their health condition deteriorated, they were referred to GTB Hospital for advanced treatment, India Today reported.

Kumar reportedly suffered shrapnel injuries to his face, chest, and neck and died during treatment. Karan and Omwati suffered grievous injuries in the incident and are in critical condition. Meanwhile, Monica received minor injuries and was discharged by the doctors.

According to the neighbors, after hearing the explosion, they initially thought it was a cylinder blast and rushed outside to find the source behind it.

"We were scared to go inside, but I somehow got the courage to enter the house. The room was filled with smoke and there was a burning smell. People inside the house were asking for help, we got them out with the help of police, or more people would have died," said Raghav Singh, who lives in the colony.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a 7-year-old boy reportedly died after an electric scooter's battery that was kept for charging exploded in their house at Vasai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Latin Times reported.

Sarfaraz Ansari, father of the victim Shabbir Ansar, brought the assembled e-scooter all the way from Jaipur, India, and had kept the scooter's battery for charging in the living room where the victim was sleeping.

The battery that was kept on charging exploded and resulted in the television set catching fire in the room. The victim reportedly suffered over 80% burns in the incident. Despite undergoing treatment at the hospital for over a week, the victim succumbed to his burn injuries and died on Friday, Sept 30.

Following the incident, Manickpur police stated that the explosion was caused due to overheating of the battery.

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