A young man in Switzerland was hospitalized for days after he suffered from a freak injury while aggressively masturbating.

A study revealed that the 20-year-old, whose name wasn't revealed, took himself to accident and emergency after experiencing chest pain and breathlessness while doing the solo sex act in bed, reported Daily Star. His face was swollen and crunching noises were coming from his neck down to his arms by the time he reached the hospital.

X-rays were done after which it was revealed that the man was suffering from spontaneous pneumomediastinum (SPM). It is a painful, but typically “benign disease” that involves air leaking from the lung and becoming lodged in the rib cage, according to the Journal of Thoracic Disease.

According to Radiology Case Reports, the youngster had suffered a rare lung injury. It is generally caused by rigorous exercise or violent coughing. He was required to spend three days and a night in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Cantonal Hospital in Winterthur. Smokers are at an increased risk of SPM, said researchers as reported by New York Post.

Lead study authors Dr. Nikola Rajic and Dr. Christian Schandl added that the young Swiss man denied doing intense exercise, but admitted to doing some rough solo sexercise. The 20-year-old's SPM was diagnosed as “severe." The X-ray showed a large amount of air trapped above his lung, and doctors subsequently discovered that air was trapped all the way up to the base of his skull.

He was then rushed into the ICU, where he was administered oxygen so that it could help him in breathing properly. The analgesic paracetemol was also given to him to deal with his chest pain, and antibiotics to fend off a possible infection. After a day in the ICU and three days in regular ward, the man was discharged in good health.

Surgical intervention is generally not needed to resolve SPMs, which was the case with the Swiss man. The pleasure-seeking patient is the first to suffer an SPM after masturbating too hard, as per Science Direct.

Of late, medical mishaps caused by autoerotic activities are not all that uncommon. Earlier this year, a Brazilian man, 54, was admitted to the hospital after shoving a 4.4-pound metal dumbbell up his anus in the pursuit of pleasure.

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