More MacBooks from Apple are anticipated to come out in 2021 although details have been limited. With the Cupertino company transitioning from Intel to Silicon chips, the most likely scenario is to see some models coming out with the same processor and possibly another half working on the Silicon type.

It appears that the same forecast is shared by reliable leaker L0vetodream, someone who has been known to share spot-on forecasts. Responding to a recent post that outlined a report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, L0vetodream alleges on Twitter that the MacBooks coming in 2021 will have models running on Intel and Silicon.

Regardless if they do come in Intel or Silicon-based chips, the important thing to note here is that there are redesigned models expected from Apple in 2021. For now, it would be best to take these lightly and wait for some official word from the Cupertino-based company.

The attention right now is on the latest MacBooks that Apple has to offer. A couple of Silicon-based Macs are already available. This includes a MacBook Air and a lower-end configured 13-inch variant. There is also the Mac mini.

Though both the MacBook Pro and Mac mini still have some shortcomings compared to the Intel-powered ones, both have been performing well in some core benchmarks. Some are even performing better like the 16-inch MacBook Pro in some tasks, Mac Rumors reported.

Seeing how the next back of MacBooks is months away, it will be interesting if Apple is currently working on these models that could come out in that period. But considering Apple had announced at WWDC that it would take them roughly two years to complete the shift, it is likely that some models will remain on the Intel platform.

Some Apple products such as the 27-inch iMac have already made the shift to the Apple M1 chip. With the impressive performance, pundits feel that most of Apple’s Macs will be moving to Apple Silicon. If that is the case, the last ones to make the jump are likely the Mac Pro and the iMac Pro.

MacBook Air
Visitors seen behind MacBook Air computers on display in the Apple Store at Puerta del Sol square. Getty Images | Horacio Villalobos - Corbis

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