A 21-year-old woman was filmed by her husband while getting brutally assaulted by her cousin on July 21 in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

The horrifying incident took place in the Gunga area of Bhopal, where the victim and her husband had traveled to, on the pretext of meeting a witch doctor to cure her of infertility.

According to Times Now News, the victim and her husband met a cousin in Bhopal, who had informed them about an occult practitioner, and how she could help them with getting pregnant. The victim and her husband were residents of Shajapur and had been married for two years. The inability to conceive had strained the couple’s relationship, who were clearly desperate for a child.

Gunga station house officer (SHO) sub-inspector Ramesh Rai spoke the incident and stated that the victim was duped into believing that a witch doctor could cure her of the condition. The woman decided to pay a visit to the black magic practitioner and stayed at one of her aunt’s place in Kadampur, Gunga for the same.

However, the woman experienced a nightmare after spending a day or two in her aunt’s place and was locked in a room with her husband and cousin. Shortly after, her cousin began forcing himself upon her, while her husband seemed to enable him and went on to record the act on his mobile phone, The Times of India reported.

Aghast at what had just happened, the woman alerted her in-laws about the incident on returning to Shajapur on July 26. The report further suggests that her in-laws however sided with the cousin, and threatened her with dire consequences if she were to open up about the trauma ever again.

The betrayal didn't dampen the young woman's spirits, who went ahead and informed her family about the rape. The victim’s family came to the woman’s rescue and filed a police complaint against the accused and his family members.

In spite of what happened, Rai commended the victim for displaying exemplary courage in the face of adversity and speaking up.

While a further probe is underway, it is yet to be determined as to whether the brutal incident occurred after the couple visited the occult practitioner.

A representational image of a woman.
A representational image of a woman. Free-photos/Pixabay