An Amazon delivery driver, 23, disguised as a woman and allegedly videotaped naked girls in a washroom, said Wrentham Police.

Cops arrested Jacob Guerrero of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, on several charges, including possession of child pornography, Monday night after a lengthy investigation that began in August when police got a call from a customer at the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets saying there was a man disguised as a woman and acting suspiciously in the women’s bathroom, reported Boston 25 News.

Guerrero, who was wearing a blonde wig at the time, is said to have entered the bathroom and went into a stall. Girls, around 12 and 15 years old, were using neighboring stalls, said police, who believe he had a pen camera attached to his sneaker. By the time police reached, he was gone. Police were able to locate him and his vehicle after looking at surveillance video, and they found out that he was a delivery driver for Amazon.

During a traffic stop in Wrentham, he was arrested on Sept. 2 and was charged with photographing an unsuspecting naked person. Later that day, he was released on bail. Investigation continued and a search warrant for Guerrero's personal vehicle and mobile phone uncovered evidence for a second arrest warrant in connection with possession of child pornography.

The evidence included 12 videos where the victims were either naked or partially naked, and five of the 12 victims were under the age of 18 and several are said to be between eight and 11 years old, said police.

In one incident, it looks like Guerrero allegedly recorded a young girl through her bedroom window as she removed her clothes, said police.

Police Chief Bill McGrath said that advancement in technology is making it possible to take secret videos. He said, “I think technology with all its benefits is our enemy when it comes to people who have bad intentions."

Meanwhile, Amazon said that they have been notified that as part of an ongoing criminal investigation, a driver who delivered their packages was arrested and charged with serious crimes, and the person is "no longer delivering packages for Amazon and we’ll continue to assist law enforcement with their investigation.”

A judge set bail at $25,000 cash for Guerrero Tuesday, reported The Sun Chronicle.

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