A 23-Year-Old Russian school teacher was told that she was fired after her striptease video was seen by her students and their parents who got furious over it.

Viktoria Kashirina shared an “erotic” video on Instagram. It shows her undressing in a sensual way. In the video, she touches herself while writhing on floor and a bed, reported news.com.au.

After spotting the video online, a mother of one of her Russian language and literature students got offended and then she complained. The mother wrote to the teacher saying not to post "such explicit videos, or close (your social media)." She said that her daughter watches her social media content, and Kashirina was clearly gaining kudos, but "not as a teacher.”

In a bid to prevent them seeing the racy video, the teacher offered to block the student and the mother. She told Komsomolskaya Pravda in Russian that she has been pole dancing for long and had "dreamt of making a video for a long time."

The young teacher said that the video was, of course, not meant for her students. Kashirina said that the video was filmed for “aesthetic purposes,” and that she was never concerned about what her students would think of her online persona, according to WRGB CBS 6.

She said that before the video, her students followed her on Instagram and saw her content, and that their professional relationship "did not suffer from this.”

Sharing details of her interaction with the student's mother, she said that the child’s mom demanded her to close the account. Kashirina refused to do, and instead blocked the daughter-mother duo, but it was already too late. She said that the school’s director later contacted her and “demanded” she remove the video as it was “spreading like wildfire among the parents."

According to her, the school decided to remove her from her teaching role. She was allegedly told by the school that her behavior was against its “moral principles." She was told that if she wants to prove herself as an erotic dancer, the school has the right not to follow this path, and that this was an "excellent occasion to convey to all parents the moral principles that we adhere to.”

She added she was told she was “fired,” but is still teaching her online classes as she has received no further notice. If this goes ahead, Kashirina is ready to fight and claimed that there were no restrictions placed when it came to social media when she was offered the job. She said that the firing would interfere with her private life and freedom.

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