Brittany Zamora, an elementary school teacher in Goodyear, Arizona, was arrested in 2018 for sexually abusing a teen male student during and after classes. She is currently completing her 20 years sentence in an Arizona prison, where she also began tutoring other prisoners.

Zamora, 30, received her tutor certification in September. She is now permitted to teach academic subjects to inmates. In a statement from the Arizona Department of Corrections, they said that Zamora had no disciplinary issues and "assisted the education staff in teaching the inmate students, in a group setting."

She is a former teacher at Las Brisas Academy, where she was found sexually abusing and having an intimate relationship with her sixth-grade student. She was 27 years old back then, while the boy was 13 years old. They started exchanging messages before having sexual intercourse multiple times.

In their exchange of messages, Zamora wrote, "I want you too baby so bad…I want you every day with no time limit." The boy told the police the details about their student-teacher conversations that soon led to flirting. Their conversations revolved around talking about things they desired to do to each other, from sending naked pictures to making out in the car.

"She said she wanted to give me a b**w j** and stuff like that," he added to the police interviewer.

Another student also gave a statement regarding the two. The student was asked to stay guard and watch out for others who might see them having sex inside the classroom.

At first, Daniel Zamora, her husband, tried to convince the boy's parents to settle things out without calling the police. He pleaded and begged them, asking them to forgive his wife. The boy's parents were determined to put the teacher behind bars, severely affecting their son and family.

Zamora was arrested in March 2018 by the Goodyear police after a monitoring app called "Sentry" was installed on the boy's cell phone by his parents, which soon notified them that their son shared illicit text messages with the teacher.

Zamora will continue serving her time in prison until her release date of March 16, 2038.

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