Russian YouTuber Dmitry Beshentsev was shooting a video for his 80,000 followers when he fell from a fire escape in an abandoned building in Moscow Friday.

The 34-year-old urban explorer, also known as Dima Vert, had interest in shooting abandoned buildings on his channel "Beam of the Inquisition." He was with his two friends when he fell down while climbing a ladder on the building. His friends had already climbed on the roof of the building, which was first built in 1971, but Beshentsev couldn't make it, reported Daily Star.

The property that he died in is located near a tram depot, which is currently being used to store heavy vehicles like buses. Renovation work was to be done, but it had been put on hold for a while. He was taking a trip in a dinghy along one of the abandoned tunnels in Moscow in one of his last videos.

Earlier this month, he was also in an abandoned building that was constructed in 1915.

Stunned by his sudden death, one YouTube user Polishchikukor said, "You will always be remembered, my friend. The world is not fair.” Another wrote that his followers would miss him, and hoped he rests in peace. It is not clear if the incident will be further investigated by the local authorities or not.

This isn’t the first time that a YouTuber died while working on a video. In February, 20-year-old Timothy Wilks was shot dead while he was shooting a video on a fake robbery, according to The Sun. He was apparently armed with knives and lunged at strangers so that he could record their horrified reactions. But his prank turned fatal when he was shot down in the Urban Air trampoline park's parking lot in Tennessee.

Police said that when the incident happened they believed Wilks was shooting a robbery prank. He and a friend approached a group of people with knives, cops were told. It was then that one person from the group pulled out a gun and shot him. The person, David Starnes, told investigators that he opened fire to defend himself and his friends, and did not know it was a prank.

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