A 38-year-old mother from Miami is facing charges for killing her 15-month-old baby and then stabbing her husband and teenage daughter in August.

She was identified as Precious Bland who is charged with second-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder and aggravated child abuse according to the Miami-Dade Police. The incident happened at around 9:00 p.m. at Northwest 99th Street and Northwest 30th Avenue in West Little River on the night of Aug. 23, NBC Miami reported.

At that time, Bland appeared to have lost it when she started ranting that Jesus Christ is coming and that COVID was going to kill us all.

“[Precious] was upset, stating that Jesus Christ is coming and COVID is going to kill us all,” husband Evan Bland stated to the Miami Herald. “[Precious] insisted everyone needed to be baptized and that she was going to baptize everyone in the bathtub.”

The 38-year-old insisted that everyone needed to be baptized and that she would do so via their bathtub.

She got hold of their 15-month old baby and then put her underwater until she became unresponsive.

Upon seeing this, her husband tried to stop her and this resulted in a struggle. Bland was able to get hold of a knife, stabbing her husband in the process per police reports.

At some point, Evan grabbed their other four children and tried to flee their home. Unfortunately, the 38-year-old managed to get hold of their 16-year-old daughter and stab her in the forearm.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found the baby unresponsive. They rushed the 15-month-old to the Jackson North Medical Center but were pronounced dead.

The husband and their teenager also got treatment for their injuries and were later on released. Bland was also attended to for self-inflicted wounds to her wrist. The other children reportedly under 11-years-old were unharmed from the incident.

The actual date on when the incident happens is a bit unclear. In a report from CBS4, it was mentioned that Precious Bland admitted to killing her son on Sept. 1. After getting discharged from the hospital, she was arrested on Sept. 2.

As of this writing, Miami-Dade jail records show Bland was still being held without bail. It was not mentioned if she had legal representation and when she was scheduled to appear in court.

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