The royal family employs a large number of personnel to keep things running smoothly. While there are more common positions such as gardeners and cleaners, there are a few rather unique ones that can’t be found anywhere else. Here are the top four unusual jobs that can only be found in the royal family.

Royal Shoe-Wearer

With her busy schedule, Queen Elizabeth II probably does not have time to break in her shoes for a more comfortable fit every time she gets a new pair. Thus, the important task of breaking them in for her is the responsibility of the royal shoe-wearer, a rather unique job title that does not likely exist anywhere else. Unfortunately, no information is available as to how much exactly this position pays.

Warden Of The Swans And Marker Of The Swans

One glance is all it takes to know that these positions are unique and only exist in England. But these two positions have a rather long history. While they were only created in 1993, they trace their roots all the way back to the 13th century as both positions sprang from the keeper of the King’s/Queen’s swans position before it was split into two.

Both the warden and the marker organize and lead the Swan Upping, a traditional event held every July. The purpose is to monitor the health of the swan population in the Thames. All swan-related tasks such as rescues and conservation efforts are also handled by them.

Royal Horological Conservator

The royal horological conservator is a rather lengthy title, but the main responsibility of this person is to ensure that all clocks are up and running. Thus, it is his duty to ensure that the timepieces keep accurate time and to do some maintenance and repairs on them.

The job description might make it appear to be an easy work, but it’s probably a very grueling job. The reason is the sheer number of clocks one needs to take care of. For instance, the Palace of Holyroodhouse has 80 clocks, there are 379 timepieces in Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace has a staggering 500 clocks.

Grand Carver of England

One can’t really expect the Queen of England to cut her own meat. That’s why there’s a person in charge for this very important task, one with an equally impressive job title – the grand carver of England.

At the moment, the Earl of Denbigh and Desmond holds the position as well as the honor to show off his carving skills during special events and royal dinners. However, fans should not dream of snatching up the post should the Earl decide to retire since the position is an inherited office and would be eventually passed down to someone in his family.

Buckingham Palace The Red Arrows display team fly over Buckingham Palace following the Queen's Birthday Parade, 'Trooping the Colour' at Horse Guards Parade in London on June 13, 2009. LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images