The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) want the public’s help in identifying the person wanted in connection with an acid attack that happened in March in Elmont, New York, and are offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

Earlier, Nassau County Police said that they were offering a similar reward for information regarding the Long Island acid attacker, so now the reward money has gone up to $40,000, reported News 12 The Bronx.

The federal agency tweeted Tuesday about the reward money.

In mid-March, around 8.30 pm, Nafiah Ikram, a student of Hofstra University, was standing in her driveway on Arlington Avenue in Elmont when a stranger wearing a hoodie and gloves came from behind and attacked her with acid by throwing it on her face. After the attack, the stranger drove off in a red Nissan Altima car with fog lights, according to NBC New York.

The FBI said that the victim's physical injuries were serious and her eyes, arms and face were affected. After spending two weeks in the hospital, she had to take a break from studies to recover, so she took the rest of the semester off from school.

Earlier this year, Ikram said that back then she didn't know it was acid, and she started walking because she thought it was just a prank. "The substance felt warm, room temperature, like juice thrown on me," she recalled. Seconds later, it started to burn then she started to panic and ran into her house. Her parents were in the house and to ease the burning, they doused her with water after which they called 911. She said that her tongue was so swollen that she had trouble breathing.

Ikram said that there were no words to describe what she went through, and was doubtful about being able to drive again because of how bad the vision is in her eye. According to a GoFundMe page set up to help support her, the acid melted her contact lenses onto her eyes.

A possible motive for the attack hasn't been speculated by authorities. Ikram told PIX11 News in April, “I can’t understand what level of hatred, or jealousy, or whatever provoked this person to do this to me.”

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A man allegedly threw acid on his ex-wife's face for marrying another man in Kalna, West Bengal, India on Sunday, July 3. This is a representational image. PIXABAY