A 41-year-old virgin man from Adelaide, Australia is searching for love, but with a condition. The eligible bachelor started looking for someone, in 2016.

He made a website called Single Guy From Adelaide and he kept on updating the site. He has also put out paid advertisements to bring more bachelor women to his website and to find a future partner.

Daniel Piechnik, the man in search of love, has a very unique request to all the single ladies. He wants to be in a relationship with a person who is a virgin like him and has no experience in romantically inclined relationships.

On the landing page of his site, he has put up a video explaining his want of a woman who is career-focused and has saved up her virginity only when the time and the man were right.

Not long after he started the website, he figured out that modern people are not bound by society’s archaic ritual of waiting for the right person to jump onto a relationship. Despite his realizations, he has not stopped his search for the right kind of partner.

He is still hopeful he will find someone with whom he can start from the beginning and experience intimacy together for the first time as reported by the Daily Star.

Piechnik’s has set no bar for age and he would welcome anyone of any age if she is learned and likes to be informed about different things. He claims he would also like to connect with his future love on an intellectual level.

He talks about moments where he wants to connect over philosophy, literature, science, or anything that is academic in nature. He wants a partner he can have meaningful conversations with. He has also mentioned that he is not good with parties and going out, as reported by the Telegraph Star.

He has welcomed women to write to him on his site. He shared that he is open to Skype sessions to have a heart-to-heart before he can settle with someone. He wants to start a relationship as friends, as he believes that all great relationships are built over a meaningful friendship.

He has also expressed that he is open to the idea of marriage if the partner demands it. Supporting his wishes to have a family in the future he pointed out that he had the means to support them.

Piechnik’s hunt for a partner has drawn both supportive as well as negative comments to his website.

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