According to The College Board, during this challenging time, where COVID-19 has significative affected our health, routines, and plans for the near future, their first priority is to keep families and students safe, while their second priority is to make Advanced Placement Exams (AP Exams) as widely available as possible for students who wish to test, regardless of the economic or public health circumstances. 

The non-profit organization, that represents over 6000 of the world's leading colleges, schools, and other educational institutions, surveyed thousands of students from all over the country, and the overwhelming majority asked the same request: do not cancel their AP opportunities.

The College Board informed that their organization wants to give every student the chance to earn the college credit they’ve worked toward throughout the year and that this is the reason why they quickly set up a process that’s simple, secure, and accessible. 

Due to the pandemic, the AP exams will be online this year. If students have already registered to take an exam, they don’t have to do anything else in order to test. The College Board will email them a personalized e-ticket two days before each of their exams. Confirmed by the board, this year’s exams are also shorter—45 minutes rather than 3 hours—and will only focus on what most students already covered in class before schools closed. All students who do college-level work will get 3’s, 4’s, and 5’s. 

Whether it is a computer, tablet, or smartphone, all students will be able to take these streamlined exams on any device they have access to. While almost all AP students have smartphone access, the organization reallt wants to ensure that no digital divide prevents a student from earning the college credit they deserve; Therefore, they re-assigned 100 of their staff to serve as a dedicated student outreach team, and to date they have responded to more than 10,000 students, partnering with Donors Choose and Amazon, and connecting them to local efforts already in place through their school district.

Colleges and universities are continuing to award college credit as they have in the past. An independent website, has assembled information from colleges and universities nationwide and hasn’t found a single one that has restricted or reduced AP credit this year.

As AP Exams are set to begin on Monday, May 11, The Collage Board shared with Latin Times information that is of critical importance to the 3.4 million students registered to take AP Exams, and are showing great resilience and dedication to their education during these challenging times.

Overall, students would benefit from this list of the top 5 things they can do to prepare before the Exams and other information below.  

The Top 5 Things Students Should Do to Get Ready for AP Exams 

ap exam The Top 5 Things Students Should Do to Get Ready for AP Exams  The Collage Board

Right Now: Try the AP Exam demo and practice submitting an exam response.

Right Now: Complete the AP Exam Day checklist and keep it on-hand during each exam.

Right Now: Confirm your email address and make updates by Thursday, May 7, 5:30 p.m. ET.

Two Days Before Each Exam: Locate your Unique E-ticket, which you’ll need to access the exam.

Exam Day: Check-in 30 minutes early to enter your AP ID, name, and other information before the exam begins. 

Besides these amazing tips, students can watch live and on-demand AP classes! The College Board launched AP Master Class, where luminaries from different industries and disciplines have joined AP teachers to lead AP courses.

Additionally, the College Board launched teacher-led AP online classes and review sessions to help students continue learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic, collaborating with 65 AP teachers from across the country to offer students access to all-day learning. Since launch, more than 730 AP classes and review sessions, organized into 38 playlists -- one for each of the AP courses – have been shared.

These online AP classes have been viewed more than 17.8 million times, and about 30,000 viewers tune into the live sessions each day with 198k subscribers.

AP Exams will run from May 11-22. Makeup exams will take place June 1-5.