A six-year-old boy reportedly died after a piece of thread used to fly kites cut his neck in Belagavi district, Karnataka, India on Sunday, Oct. 23.

The deceased boy, identified as 6-year-old Vardhan Eeranna Balle, of Ananthapur village, had gone shopping with his father at the old city market in Belagavi on Sunday, Oct. 23. Vardhan was sitting in front of his father’s bike while returning back from shopping, the Hindu reported.

While the father and son were passing by the old Gandhi Nagar bridge on their bike and returning home, a sharp thread attached to an abandoned kite lying across the street cut the boy's neck. The father unfortunately did not see the thread as it was very thin.

The father immediately rushed the boy to a nearby hospital for treatment. However, the doctors could not save the victim as he had suffered a deep cut and had lost a lot of blood, ETV Bharat reported.

Following the boy's tragic death, a case has been registered in connection with the incident.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a drunk man reportedly accidentally slit his acquaintance's throat instead of slaughtering a goat during a ritual animal sacrifice in Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh, India on Sunday, Jan. 16, as previously reported.

The accused, Talari Chalapati, who was supposed to carry out the animal sacrifice and cut a goat’s head off, reportedly slashed the throat of his pal Suresh, 25, by mistake while the suspect was in an inebriated state.
The victim was holding up the animal that was supposed to be slaughtered at the time of the gruesome accident.

The bloody killing transpired as a huge gathering of villagers initiated the "Kondachuttu" (a traditional practice of trekking around a hillock) ritual that often culminates in an animal sacrifice.

At the temple, Chalapati, who was reportedly in an inebriated condition, was tasked to sacrifice sheep one after another by slitting their throats. During the animal sacrifice, however, Suresh, kneeled down to hold a goat for the slaughter. In a daze, Chalapati missed the animal's throat and slashed Suresh in the jugular instead.

Suresh, who was left bleeding profusely, was immediately rushed to Madanpelle Government Hospital by his friend and relatives. However, he was subsequently declared dead at the facility.

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