A 62-year-old woman is dead after she was reportedly dragged by the car of an unidentified man following an argument over an assigned parking space.

It turns out that the parking spot was assigned to her daughter and that the argument resulted after a man parked in the space. The victim was identified as Olga Fernandez who died after she was dragged by a black Toyota Corolla.

“Her daughter said, 'mom, someone is in the parking lot,' and her mom went downstairs and she went to the bathroom. When she came out of the bathroom, she heard her mom screaming,” according to Ileana Ajo, a friend of Fernandez.

The car allegedly hit Fernandez first and then sped off, unfortunately dragging her. The said black vehicle is now being sought and reportedly has a damaged front.

EMTs arrived at the scene and tried to attend to the injured 62-year-old woman after the incident that happened over in Hialeah, Florida. She was put into an ambulance but did not survive the incident that happened last Feb. 13.

Footage of the incident was captured and surrendered to authorities. Details about the incident have yet to be officially released by the police.

The incident came as a shock to family and friends after learning of the demise of Fernandez.

One neighbor claimed that she heard the commotion but was too afraid to look. However, she remembers Fernandez as a wonderful person and even claims that the 62-year-old once saved her daughter’s life.

“My daughter had stopped breathing and blacked out,” the neighbor, who was identified only as Janette, said. “My mother went out running, but she doesn't know how to drive. Olga saw my mother, dialed 911 and gave her CPR,” she added.

A GoFundMe page has been put up to help cover the funeral expenses Fernandez.

“We have lost a great friend, sister, mother, aunt, niece and human being,” a message on the site read. “Everyone who knew them knew that she was a hard-working, caring woman who lived for her children.”

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