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Peter Robert Dettmer, 69, a man arrested in Cuenca, Ecuador on April 27, is facing 126 sexual assault charges due to a 2016 incident in Golden. He was extradited to Jefferson County in Colorado on Nov. 24.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) returned Dettmer to Jefferson County. He is considered the second person to be extradited from Ecuador in the last 27 years, according to the district attorney's office. "It is rare and it's not easy. It's very complicated," Bob Pence, a former FBI agent said speaking to 9NEWS.

Pence stated that once the warrant is granted, FBI agents work with their contacts to get the arrest done. In Dettmer's case, he shared that it was likely FBI agents in Colombia helped out. "I can guarantee you that the agents in Bogotá would be exercising their relationships with the police they've trained in Ecuador, and then after that arrest is made, then starts the legal piece of it," Pence added. "As long as the warrants were there, [the agents] work hard on every one of them."

Dettmer faces 126 sexual assault charges, including 63 counts of sexual assault (helpless victim) and 62 counts of sexual assault (victim incapable) and one count of sexual assault (victim incapable due to force, drugs or other).

He was arrested on June 10, 2016, after an alleged crime happened at the Millstone Condos on 11th Street in Golden. According to an affidavit, Dettmer was arrested on charges of domestic violence, sexual assault and invasion of privacy for sexual gratification but failed to appear at his trial in January 2017.

A witness reported an assault involving a woman who appeared to be unconscious through a picture window with open curtains and called the police, according to the arrest report. It appeared that the man was filming or photographing the woman who was naked and unconscious on a chair. The witnesses also stated that they saw the same man from the apartment dragging the woman, who appeared to be intoxicated.

Dettmer appeared in court Wednesday for his advisement hearing, on a $1 million cash. Court records show he originally posted a $2,000 surety bond in the case, in 2016. But, the bond was increased to $20,000 when he failed to appear in court.

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