In connection with a probe into a bizarre cult whose members have intimate body parts castrated live on camera, seven men were arrested.

Detectives spent three days searching a flat where surgical procedures were allegedly carried out and screened on a pay-per-view adult channel. It was advertised via a Twitter account, reported The Sun.

A Norwegian man, 44, living in the flat was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm. Six other men were also held as part of the investigation into a gay sub-culture group whose members willingly undergo castration. The man at the center of the raid, in Finsbury Park, North London, runs a film production company. He describes himself as “The Eunuch Maker” and is understood to have undergone an amputation himself.

A neighbor said that it was very bizarre, and that there were "police outside the flat for a few days." The neighbor shared that "they were putting everything in plastic bags," and the items looked like computers and laptops.

A source found the allegations "shocking," and noted that men are said to have been filmed having private parts removed. The source said that these procedures were apparently "shown on a pay-per-view adult channel."

According to Daily Mail, the seven suspects were released on bail. The members of the group are known as “nullos," which is short for genital nullification. They meet through online forums. In recent years, the "nullo" movement has grown in popularity.

Most of them remove their genitals because they don't identify as male or female, but there are cases where people are castrated for cannibalistic or sexual desires. Many go for a "smoothie," which is a procedure that leaves them with a fully smooth groin. Many of them use amateur "cutters," who are generally doctors or vets, or do it themselves.

Japanese artist Sugiyama is the most famous modern "nullo." In March 2012, he had his penis and testicles surgically removed by a physician. They were frozen for two months before being served up at a banquet in Suginami, Tokyo. He charged guests around 160 pounds ($216.23) per person to eat the meal which was garnished with parsley and mushrooms. But cops charged him with indecent exposure.

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