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A German native from the town of Markt Schwaben in Bavaria is on trial for castrating men and mutilating their genitals through various surgical operations performed on his kitchen table.

The 66-year-old German electrician, whose name was not stated due to privacy reasons has been arrested by the police. He explained to the police that it was his way of paying off his debts, DW reported.

The electrician who is facing a murder crime indicated that he started his own work of advertising sexual service in sadomasochism websites wherein physical pain and humiliation characterized by sadism and masochism are inflicted on another person for sexual gratification. This criminal act has been his source of financial aid for years.

Allegedly, he has been developing his repertoire by executing surgeries on his kitchen table in his home located in Markt Schwaben. He lets his victims believe that he has legal permits and was trained as a medical professional. After getting their trust, he then abruptly proceeds with his illegal acts.

His continuous persuasion of clients who are willing to pay for these actions drove more transactions throughout his whole operation span. His castration performances last for a long time before he was finally arrested. He admitted to a series of illegal operations, including amputating the genitals of eight men between July 2018 and March 2020.

However, he denied and refused to take responsibility for a patient who died after being castrated. His trial for being accused of castrating eight men and causing the death of one of them began on Thursday in a Munich court. The police found the body of the man placed in a box three weeks after his death from the illegal surgery. The other remaining victims were reported to be left permanently disfigured.

Illegal castration has been creating a buzz these past few months. Unlicensed performers of castrations have been arrested for quite some time now.

The prosecutors charged the German defendant with homicide by omission by failing to call help for the man who died. He is also charged with serious and dangerous bodily harm due to the other patients' state.

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