One Arizona man and his brother were arrested after body of the former's teen girlfriend was found in a container at a Phoenix house on Oct. 5.

Phoenix police officials announced Monday that the body discovered was of Destiny Munoz, who was 17 years old at the time of her death. After cops found the body wrapped in plastic and tape in a container, Daniel Blas Torrealba, 21, and his 19-year-old brother Edwin Humberto Chavez-Blas were arrested.

Torrealba reportedly told police that he kept the body “because he wanted to remain close to her,” according to New York Post.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Ann Justus said that they were held on suspicion of concealment of a body and tampering evidence. As per court documents, the Torrealba family reported Munoz missing on Oct. 5, and said that they had not seen her for more than a week.

According to the documents, a big plastic container that emitted a strong odor was in Torrealba's car, then he and his brother transferred the container from the car into a truck before leaving the house. When cops reached the location, they found the vehicle with the container parked at the residence, and discovered Munoz's decomposing body inside the container, according to The Arizona Republic.

Later, it was revealed that Munoz, who had a child with Torrealba, died from a gunshot wound. When cops conducted a search of the vehicles and the house, they found evidence of blood splatter in one of the rooms, and that the teenager had been moved.

Chavez-Blas knew Munoz had been killed on Sept. 26, but his brother told family members different stories of what happened between him and his girlfriend, said witnesses. In one of the stories, he mentioned that he pushed Munoz during an altercation and that she was accidentally shot when she fell.

Torrealba even used her phone to send messages to her family "so they would not worry about her," said cops, reported Arizona's Family. Nancy Williams, who lives near the house where the brothers were arrested, said, "That’s criminal and that shows intent and he was covering it up."

Chavez-Blas helped in cleaning up the crime scene and moving the body into a container. His bail was set at $25,000 while his brother's was set at $125,000.

Dead body
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