A woman and her 20-year-old daughter were murdered and buried under the bushes by killers hired by the boyfriend of the deceased's sister-in-law.

The shocking double murder happened in Jabalpur, a city in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

The now-deceased mother, 40-year-old Jithani Babli Jharia, and her young daughter, Nisha Jharia had been reported missing nearly a week ago by their family members.

A search was initiated and the Barela police had been investigating when on Tuesday, Oct.5, local villagers alerted them of two bodies found buried in the bushes.

The Additional Superintendent of Police, Sanjay Aggarwal along with Barela police station officers responded to the call and arrived at the Mahgawan canal.

The bodies of mother and daughter were found buried under the bushes near the canal. Their decomposing bodies were recovered from the pit and sent to a medical examiner’s office for an autopsy.

The results revealed the victims were strangled to death.

The Barela police began investigating the murder and identified the victims to be the missing mother and daughter.

Their families were notified about the murder and questioned for possible leads.

During interrogation, the investigators developed suspicion on the deceased woman’s sister-in-law, identified as Malti Jharia.

A detailed probing revealed that Malti had conspired to the murder, which she executed through one Sanjay Shripal, a resident of the same village with whom she was reportedly having an affair.

According to the police, Jithani and Nisha knew about the illicit relationship and Malti feared their objection.

She conspired with her lover and hatched a plan to murder the duo.

On Sept.27, two local thugs, Deva Thakur and Raja Kol, hired by Sanjay, abducted the mother and daughter from their home and took them to the Mahgwan canal.

The men first strangled both victims and then buried the bodies in the bushes near the canal.

During interrogation, Sanjay confessed to hiring Deva and Raja by giving Rs 50,000 ($670 approx.) in advance and had agreed to pay the remaining same amount post the murder.

The deaths have led to a furor among the villagers and an angry mob marched to the police station demanding justice.

The double murder has raised major security concerns in the area.

No arrests have been reported at the time of this writing.

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