Reasons To Watch 'Que Te Perdone Dios' On Univision
Tonight "Que Te Perdone Dios" premieres on Univision starring Zuria Vega and Mark Tacher and these are the reasons to watch... Televisa

A brand new telenovela premieres on Univision tonight starring Mark Tacher and Zuria Vega titled "Que Te Perdone Dios." The Televisa production is based on a Caridad Bravo Adams original we last saw as "Abrázame Muy Fuerte" with Aracely Arámbula and Fernando Colunga. This new version will sizzle viewers nightly and these are the reasons to watch... 1. Worldwide Premiere: This production has not aired anywhere else before. Univision audiences usually get telenovelas that have aired in México before and when they premiere in the U.S. we already know all the plot twists and how a story will end. Univision teamed up with Televisa to take on Kate Del Castillo's "Dueños Del Paraíso" with this new never-before-seen production, which is nice for a change.

2. "Que Pobres Tan Ricos" Duo: We LOVED Mark and Zuria and "Que Pobres Tan Ricos." They both had incredible chemistry despite their characters hating each other due to the circumstances. At moments we were for them getting back together except we remembered Mark's character was evil and "un interesado." This time, they are back together and are the lead couple and we can't wait to see them together again. 3. Irán Castillo's Return: Who doesn't remember Irán on telenovelas like "Preciosa" and "Agujetas De Color De Rosa" as a younger actress? Castillo's last appearance on a Televisa telenovela was in 2006 in that awful thing called "Mundo De Fieras," remember? Irán will make a guest appearance during the first episodes of "Que Te Perdone Dios" and hopefully this will lead to producers asking her back for a full-on role soon.

4. Angelli Nesma Production: Angelli is behind this new production and we love it. Her last couple of novelas have been very addicting like "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó" and "Abismo De Pasión." Nesma has a lot of great telenovelas in her history like "María La Del Barrio," "Por Tu Amor" and "Niña, Amada Mía" to name a few. She has hit a new stride in her last productions and we know this will not be an exception. 5. Rebecca Jones Returns: Rebecca is one of the best actresses in México and she usually tends to stay away from classic melodrama productions and only accepts roles where she portrays strong women who have something to say. Taking part of "Que Te Perdone Dios," which cannot be more traditional, is something new and different for Jones and it'll be a nice feat to see her in this. Rebecca just finished being part of Telemundo's "Señora Acero."

6. "Abrázame Muy Fuerte" Remake: "Abrázame..." was one of those telenovelas that we still remember today. It had an amazing cast and we loved the story. It will be interesting to see what changes they make to this new adaptation. Having a new set of actors take on those roles is always fun to watch and compare. 7. Great Cast: The cast that has been grouped for this production is great. We have Zuria Vega, Mark Tacher, Sergio Goyri, Rebecca Jones, Sabine Moussier, Eric del Castillo, Alejandra García (Lo que la Vida me Robó), Irán Castillo (Los Secretos de Lucía, Alborada), Eric del Castillo (Lo que la Vida me Robó, Abismo de Pasión), Diego Muñoz, Laisha Wilkins, Alejandro Ávila, Ana Bertha Espín, Ferdinando Valencia, Ana Patricia Rojo, Raúl Olivo, María Sorte and many more. "Que Te Perdone Dios" airs Monday through Friday at 10pm ET/PT on Univision.

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