Valentines day
Don't let your Valentine's Day celebration get ruined by making silly mistakes! Shutterstock/ArtFamily

A lot is expected of a Valentine’s Day date from those hopeless romantics, therefore a lot can go wrong. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, experts say you shouldn’t treat this like any date on the calendar, because the fact that you’re already doing something with someone, means one of the two people involved cares, and probably a lot too.

So here are some tips to avoid ruining the special moments, no matter what kind of soiree you’re taking your better half on.

1. Don’t forget to make reservations: Does this sound silly and basic to you? Then you haven’t tried walking in to a trendy or romantic restaurant on February 14 without a reservation. There’s no chance in hell, my friends! So book a table in advance and show the other person you actually gave this some thought. It’s one phone call or cell phone click!

2. Do not get competitive: We all like to win, but you know what they say, "you can’t win ‘em all." If you planned a fun night at the bowling alley or at the arcade, don’t ruin the other person’s night by getting all in their face and laughing if they can’t beat you. And, if they do beat you, do not be a sore loser; not on Valentine’s Day.

3. Don’t arrive empty-handed: Again, don’t treat this like any other day; make it extra special by showing up with a carefully chosen gift, or a chocolate treat... at the very least.

4. Keep it simple: The reason why you shouldn’t overcomplicate your Valentine’s Day date is because you don’t want it to become stressful. Do something meaningful that’s not going to drain you to the point where you can’t enjoy it.

5. Do not be late: One would think this is an obvious one, but for those of you who are always late, think that a minor unpunctuality could ruin the other persons plan or vice versa.

6. Don’t plan it as a double date with your friends: This day is supposed to be about you and your loved one. Don’t impose your friends on the other person and try to kill more birds with one stone.

7. Don’t pick a fight: Avoid touchy subjects on this day. If you’re in it for the long run, there’ll be plenty of time to discuss every delicate matter, but today is definitely not the day to bring it up.

8. Do not bring you coworker/BFF to your date: Another big no-no that seems pretty obvious, but just in case you were considering playing the ‘cool couple’ who doesn’t really care about V Day: don’t.

9. Don’t go on a blind date: Dating is hard as it is, and blind dates are the most nerve wrecking thing (not to mention awkward). So don’t add to the pressure by choosing February 14 to meet over drinks. Not a good idea, at all.

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