A 91-year-old South African woman died after she was attacked and raped by two men who broke into her house.

The brutal incident took place Sunday, June 6, in a home at Sigubudwini Administrative Area in Tsomo, Eastern Cape.

On Sunday night, the deceased victim and a 75-year-old woman were asleep in their home when the two perpetrators broke in through the window.

The men allegedly demanded money before raping the elderly women. The 75-year-old woman managed to escape and found shelter in the neighbor’s home and alerted the police.

"During the incident, one of the victims managed to escape for her life to a neighbor’s homestead, whilst leaving the other inside the house where the incident took place," Brigadier Tembinkosi Kinana, SAPS spokesperson in the Eastern Cape said.

Responding officers arrived at the home and found the 91-year-old woman outside the house. Unfortunately, she was already dead when the officers arrived, the official said.

"Police were called and found the 91-year-old outside the house. She was already dead. It is still not clear what weapon was used in the killing. A case of rape and one of murder have been registered. The motive for this incident forms part of the investigation. No arrest has been made at this stage," Kinana said.

Lieutenant General Ntshinga, the Eastern Cape police commissioner, condemned the "heartless attack" and said that an investigation has begun to identify and nab the suspects responsible.

"We shall hunt and find them. It is better that they condition themselves to bid their families a goodbye as the prison is waiting for them," Ntshinga said.

The police have urged anyone who has any information regarding the suspects to come forward and report to the authorities.

In another similar incident, a 22-year-old woman walking on the road after a party was allegedly gang-raped by two men in Jaipur city.

The incident happened near the Bhankrota police station area in the city during the early hours on Monday, June 7.

The victim was reportedly partying with her friends at a restaurant bar that night. She had a fight with one of her friends who dropped her off on the road and left. The drunk woman was walking home when two men picked her up and allegedly raped her.

No arrests have been reported yet.
Murder Representation image. Pixabay