A shameless husband reportedly offered non-consensual sex with his wife to two of his friends as payment for the outstanding loans he owed them after the extended lockdown in India.

The indecent incidents reportedly happened in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, India. According to the New Indian Express, two men reportedly forced themselves on the poor wife as her husband had agreed to have her assaulted in exchange for the full payment of his loans. The two rapists have been arrested, according to local authorities.

A notorious alcoholic, the 31-year-old husband was reportedly deprived of a proper income during the lockdowns late last year leading to him taking out substantial loans to pay for his drinking, the Panruti All Women Police Station said. He was a daily wage laborer, of LR Palayam in Panruti, Cuddalore.

The couple has been married since 2018 and shares a two-year-old boy.

The man reportedly borrowed money from his associates Sundaramorthy, 25, and Manikandan, 26, of V Andikuppam Village on various occasions during the past year. When his friends came back to him asking for cash payments, he had offered sexual relations with his wife to settle his loans instead.

The husband reportedly drugged his wife in December 2020 after slipping her a pill he had claimed was a vitamin tablet. As the victim fell unconscious, the man summoned his friend Sundharamorthy to his house to push through with the deed. The wife was raped repeatedly by her husband's associate before waking up in a distressed state the next day. The victim confronted her husband about the ordeal who rebuffed her suspicions.

A few days later, the husband and Manikandan arrived at their residence drunk one night. The man proceeded to let his friend brutally rape the victim while he was in the room. The wife was startled awake by the assault, managing to fight off her assailant with a block of firewood and hit her husband in the head as retaliation.

After the heinous ordeal, the victim took her child and moved back to live with her mother. The husband reportedly had the gall to still visit the wife and ask her to cooperate in the advances of his friends. The victim lodged a complaint against the husband and his associates shortly after at the Panruti All Women Police Station.

The three men face rape and battery assault charges. The men have been arrested and were set to front the Panruti Magistrate on Tuesday, June 8. They have been remanded at the Cuddalore Central Prison.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a man named Sonu Harijan from Bihar's Bhagalpur district allegedly gambled his wife's body during a bet and proceeded to let his friends gangrape her after losing his stake, News18 reported.

The brutal husband proceeded to pour acid on the woman as she resisted the assault.

The incident reportedly came to light after the woman managed to escape from her in-laws' house. The husband's parents had reportedly kept her captive to hide the horrific incident.

She managed to reach her father's residence in Lodipur and filed a complaint at Mozahidpur Police Station. Harijan was reportedly arrested and an FIR was registered against him in December 2020.

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An Indian husband allegedly offered sex with his wife to two of his friends as payment for the outstanding loans he had owed them. This is a representational image. Pixabay

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