Being a single parent is not an easy task. They find ways to make sure that their children are properly raised and that includes taking on the most unusual jobs to earn a buck.

As far as adult film star Rebecca More, this is the case. But perhaps knowing it may have implications on her son growing up, she kept it all a secret. That included not showing herself at her kid’s school to protect him from her unusual career.

But secrets will always reach a point where they will be eventually be exposed. It appears that is the case for Rebecca thanks to a viral video that spread in 2018.

That was the video where she made out with Sophie Anderson. The leak paved the way for everyone – including his teenage son – to know the real score about the porn actress and what she did for a living. She discussed this when she spoke on the Holly Randal Unfiltered podcast.

“It’s great now that they are older but when you are in a career that not only are you keeping your direct family, supporting your family and other members whether it is your grandparents ... you are putting your kids through private school, it is really hard to compromise your security for the sake of the internet,” More said.

However, she clarified that taking up her profession is not a result of a bad childhood as a daughter. Rather, it was more of finding optimized ways to make sure that give her kids a decent living. However, that included having to keep it from her kids to protect them.

That included not picking them up at school and finding someone she could pay to stay at their home.

“I was studying law which was great at that time, so I had to juggle these lies, I never went to school to pick them up and stuff, I would always pay for someone to be at home so there was a lot,” More explained.

Rebecca More Rebecca More TellyShows | Wikimedia Commons photo