A man reportedly accused of breaking into an equestrian center on Thursday to have sex with horses is now being hunted. Video footage of the man having sex with a horse on Thursday was seen and the center’s owner is outraged.

"I look at this person as a sexual predator. It’s a threat to a very small community where a lot of people feel extremely violated and rightfully so,” Hillary Swarr, the owner of Turner Hill Equestrian Center stated.

Swarr told the Boston Herald that the man broke into the equestrian center in the early morning of Thursday on foot. The owner observed that the intruder was comfortable around horses, hinting that he had some experience in the equestrian industry.

However, it was the part when the man started to sexually assault the lone mare that forced Swarr to take action. She immediately went to the stable but the man had already fled.

To make sure that the horse was okay, the center had a rape kit performed on the mare. He was found to be healthy and suffered no injuries from the attack.

"While the owner questions why this individual chose her horse for this grotesque act, she is empowered to support her fellow barn members and both horses and people alike in the greater Massachusetts equestrian community … we will find this individual and bring him to justice," Swarr said.

But the incident has done its damage to Swarr. She admits that the incident has led to her losing business where she takes care of horses.

"This is detrimental to my income, however I feel like I have a larger responsibility to my community because again, this is a sexual predator," she explained.

The man seen on the video was wearing bright yellow trousers, construction boots and a blue shirt. He was about 5-foot-6 tall and appeared to be between 20 to 25 years old.

Norfolk Police are now trying to locate the intruder. They have sent out an alert to neighboring communities and an investigation into the matter is currently ongoing.

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