Five unnamed assailants who were allegedly kidnappers are reportedly dead after all of them were burned in the forest by a group of angry youths on the Afuze-Uokha road in Owan East Local Government Area of Edo State.

The five suspects were reportedly armed and had attacked and abducted some travelers. They took them to the forest with the apparent intention of collecting ransom.

Unfortunately for them, vigilantes were dispatched to hunt them down. They were able to track down and smoke the abductors out of the forest according to a source.

The source also added that the suspects were taken from the vigilantes by an angry your and it is believed that they were burned alive.

“The kidnappers would have been contacting the families of the abducted travellers to ask for ransom if not for the bravery of the vigilantes, while locals, who were fed up with the criminal activities of these kidnappers set them on fire,” according to a source with the knowledge to the situation.

Police Command Kontongs Bello confirmed the incident and said that investigation is currently ongoing for the case.

He explained how vigilantes went to search for the perpetrators and apprehended them in the bush. But as the vigilantes were coming out and on their way to the Uokha community, angry youths took the kidnappers from them.

“After the Kidnap, the vigilantes went in search of the criminals who they apprehended in the bush. As they were coming out in Uokha Community on their way to the police station, angry youths in Uokha and adjoining towns took away suspected kidnappers from the vigilantes,” he explained.

Hence, all efforts of bringing the five kidnappers to the police station proved useless with all of them charred to death. Regardless, local police are still looking into the matter.

“All efforts to get the suspect to the police proved abortive as they were burnt to death. The investigation is ongoing,” Bello stated.

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