The case of Dakota Skye has yet to get any clarity although new reports show that she may have had enough of the trolling of her fellow adult porn stars. It turns out that Skye was already receiving bashing from others for posing topless at a George Floyd mural in Santa Barbara, California.

According to Linda Arden, Skye was already getting bullied by other women online for her actions. Most vowed to bring her down and it appeared all of this was too much to take in a trolling campaign.

“She did say she had been bullied online – mainly from others within the porn industry, girls trying to bring other girls down as they try to get ahead,” Arden said.

The 27-year-old’s death comes two years after her mother passed away. According to Arden, her sister died of addiction and alcoholism.

Skye was found dead by her husband at a motor home in Los Angeles, California on June 9. The cause of death has yet to be known. However, it appears she was also battling alcohol and fentanyl addiction. This was aside from several setbacks she suffered this year.

Aside from the trolling, Skye drew flak for her actions of going topless at the mural. Most branded it disrespectful even though it appeared the porn actress was trying to take a swipe at authorities for abusing their authority.

Also, it appears Skye was trying to clean her act. Colleague James Bartholet attested to this but also added that the 27-year-old just got involved with people that were a bad influence on her.

“I was so shocked to hear of her death, my heart just sank. It is devastating,” Bartholet stated.

Dakota began her adult film career in 2013 and was nominated for AVN’s Best New Starlet award in 2015.

Adult film actress Dakota Skye
Adult film actress Dakota Skye Getty Images | Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic