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Vladimir Putin’s forest palace on Lake Valdai has been surrounded by major air defenses. The Russian leader’s luxurious residence, which is the centerpiece of a sprawling estate tucked in a secret forest, is now reportedly being protected from a possible aerial attack. His official residence located just outside the capital also appears to be fortified to defend itself from drones and long-range missiles.

Reports claim that a Pantsir-S1 defense system has been set up near the presidential Valdai Palace in Yascherovo with a similar system spotted last week close to his official Novo-Ogarevo residence, Daily Mail reported. The recent deployment of Pantsir-S1 and S-400 Triumf air defense systems is seen as a sign of the leader’s growing fears of a direct strike from Ukraine after it has received billions of dollars worth of military weapons.

The air defense systems are also reported to have been installed at prime locations in the capital city which are designed to protect government and industrial facilities against attacks from the air by armed drones, aircraft and helicopters as well as cruise missiles and precision munitions. The S-400 Triumf system has the ability to destroy ground targets, bring down jets, as well as cruise and ballistic missiles at a range of up to 12 miles.

Several missile launchers were spotted on the roof of Russia’s command center at the defense ministry’s National Defense Management Center, located on the Frunzenskaya Embankment.

A recent video released showed the defense system being hoisted on to a rooftop in Teterinsky Lane just over a mile away from the Kremlin. Photos also captured what appears to be the S-400 missile defense system in the fields belonging to the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy and in a national park on Losiny island.

Kremlin watchers have been pinning on Putin as showing signs of paranoia after ordering the deployment of air defense systems. His rumored but publicly acknowledged lover 39-year-old Alina Kabaeva and their speculated young children are said to be on top of his concerns as three servicemen are constantly seen nearby a radar dish that constantly scans for threats.

Much of Putin’s perceived threat is said to have been stirred after Engels air base was hit twice in December. The air strike destroyed a pair of Tu-95 Bear strategic nuclear bombers that were used to carry out airstrikes on key Ukrainian infrastructures. About 470 miles from the Ukrainian border another airstrike killed three military personnel at the Dyagilevo airbase in Ryazan.

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