The deadly bushfires in Australia have wreaked havoc across the country—particularly in states like New South Wales and Victoria. Given how the natural calamity has pushed hordes to a state of homelessness. Airbnb has come forward to offer support in the form of free emergency accommodation between January 2 and January 16 via its established Open Homes platform.

Airbnb has also put forth a request owing to its demand for people, who have housing available from January 1 to 16, 2020 to offer accommodation to those who have had their homes decimated by the crisis.

The devastation, which shook millions world over, only seems to be spreading extensively across the country. As per a recent report; 22 people have been killed. Furthermore, 1,365 homes in NSW have been consumed by the fires, urging its residents to flee the scene. Currently, 3.5 percent of Victoria has been burned and over 11 million acres have been destroyed.

Australian bushfires
Australian bushfires BBC

Authorities in Victoria sent out notices to residents in the bushfire-affected areas, urging them to evacuate at the earliest. Approximately 250,000 texts have been sent to alert people about the same. In New South Wales; people in a 14,000 square kilometer area have been asked to evacuate overnight. Rigorous effortsare being taken to rescue hundreds who’ve been unable to evacuate after being stranded by fires.

In keeping with the unrest in Australia and the dire need of support, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have offered support to their homeland by donating $500,000 to the Rural Fire Services. Kidman made an official announcement about this on Instagram on Saturday. She also dropped details about how everyone could do their bit, by sharing important details, for donation in the post. Selena Gomez, former model Tara Moss, Pink are some of the celebs who've revealed to be sending funds in aid of the recovery from the devastating bushfires.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has officially committed to a national recovery fund of $2 billion over the next two years to support the bushfire recovery efforts. What’s more, four extra firefighters will soon be deployed to tackle the blazes. Yet, some respite is anticipated as the indicated cooler weather in the coming week may induce showers across Victoria and New South Wales.

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