The death of 19-year-old Jaime Pugh has become controversial and his family believes it is a hate crime. However, authorities say that there is no evidence to back that up.

Pugh was in attendance during a holiday party at Rosedale Avenue but was the unfortunate casualty of a gunshot. He was known to be a gender non-conforming teen and wore a rainbow-colored bodysuit when he was hit, Newsweek reported. The whole incident was broadcast live on Facebook.

It remains unclear what triggered gunfire. However, there were on the live feed saying that Pugh would have not gotten shot if he was not wearing the dress. This was observed by Pugh’s mother, Tiffany, who also decried the fact that no one even bothered to help her son.

"You sat there for 20 minutes and recorded him on the floor," Tiffany Pugh said. "No CPR, nothing!"

She went on to blast the people in attendance for not helping her son because of what he wore.

"People hated him because of what he wore and it's not right," she said. "They took somebody special because he wore a dress."

A man named James Lee James Jr. turned himself into the authorities. He was booked and charged with Pugh’s murder. However, he said that the true hitman should come forward to own up to the crime. He claims he is innocent, meaning the one who fired the gun at Pugh is still at large.

"All you motherf*ckers talking about I did it, you know I ain't do it. Y'all need to come down here and fess up to this man for real," James said.

Aside from the death of Pugh, two other individuals got hurt in the shooting. Tiffany Pugh is now starting a fight for justice for people who were like his son.

“He wanted to be him, he said, 'I just wanna be me momma. I just wanna be me,' is what he said and I support him.”

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