Aldo Sarabia, Yahir Alfredo Sandoval
Aldo Sarabia's killer, Yahir Alfredo Sandoval spoke with Despierta América and told his version on the Banda el Recodo member's death. Mezcalent/ Screenshot Univision

Banda El Recodo member Aldo Sarabia went missing on October 13. On October 17 the band released a statement saying they knew nothing about him or his whereabouts, and on October 22, everyone’s worst fears came true when his body was found in the early hours of the morning. Soon after, police arrested his wife, Alma Delia Chávez Guerrero and her lover, Yahir Alfredo Sandoval as the two primary suspects. Finally, they confessed to killing him, with Chávez being the intellectual author and Sandoval being the one who executed the plan.

The story has since changed a lot. First started as something that was planned, then it wasn’t. Then Chávez’s lawyer said Sarabia abused his wife and his daughter and did too many drugs. Then Sarabia’s family said that Alma Delia had been cheating on Aldo for a while and he knew and just wanted a plain and simple divorce. There’s so many contradictory statements that have been released, and now, to add even more confusion in case you were keeping track of this unfortunate death, Sarabia’s killer has opened up about what happened in an interview with Despierta América.

“It was an accident. We were going to clear things out with him about my relationship with Alma, so he would finally leave her alone. In fact, I’ve never killed anyone. I’ve been a troublemaker, but nothing out of the ordinary, however, something so serious like that, never. It was an accident and Alma had nothing to do with it,” Sandoval said. “Alma didn’t want me to tell Aldo to leave her alone,” he added. “I had been dating her for a month more or less and I insisted that I wanted to talk to him because the last time she saw him, he beat her up. So I didn’t want that to happen. I insisted and jumped in the car.”

They picked up the musician near his house, and according to Sandoval, Sarabia knew he was there. “He gets in the car and is surprised I’m there. Alma says that I was a cousin and they began talking, as I listened to see where they were going with it. They said I was hiding in the trunk, but that’s not true because I had a lot of clothes there, it was full.” According to the killer, Alma and Aldo eventually began arguing but he decided to get between them and asked Alma to get out of the car in the middle of the road. “He was surprised that I wanted to talk to him about my relationship with Alma, and that I wanted to clear that out with him. I told him to leave her alone and I started the engine and later happened what we all know happened.”

“We wrestled and I accidentally fired a shot, in the car, in the middle of the road.” He continued, “I was carrying a weapon because I thought he would be carrying one and when I told him that I just wanted to talk clear things out, and I wanted him to leave Alma alone because I was in a relationship with her, he got upset and said he was going to kill me. He tried to come at me and I stopped the car. Before we wrestled I hit him in the face with the gun.”

Sandoval claimed that wrestling with Sarabia in the car caused his weapon to fire accidentally, killing the musician. “I got so scared. It’s something that had never happened to me before. I got scared and didn’t know what to do,” he said. Check out the full interview in Spanish below and let us know your thoughts. Do you believe him or not?

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