Alejandra Procuna, 'Lo Que La Vida Me Robó' Actress, Is Now An Uber Driver

alejandra procuna
Alejandra Procuna is working hard in her new role as a cab driver! Photo: Instagram

Well known Mexican actress, Alejandra Procuna, knows that work dignifies the man and that after a door closes other opportunities will come. After being dismissed from Televisa, Procuna decided to create her own source of employment by investing her expenses in the purchase of three cars.

"Lo Que La Vida Me Robó" actress told  BASTA! how she encouraged herself to become a driver. "Now without work, I thought of buying these cars for Uber, I thought it was a good idea to have a few people driving them for me, what I never thought was that I was going to drive them, but I suddenly loved the experience,” says the actress. “It gives me a lot of peace to know that a weekly money can come in."

Procuna wants to grow her new business: "Now I have three cars, but I want to get to five cars, to see if with them, I can have a good income," she added.

Alejandra also assures that being an Uber driver has its rewards and she has endless anecdotes to tell: "Yes, there are people who are absorbed in their thing, they say good afternoon to you, and then they don’t even know who I am. Then they realize when I speak, and I see their eyes, as they open them,” says Procuna.

“I have taken selfies, there was a family of Colombians, very funny people. I drove a this kid, and he started to tweet: 'I'm with an actress in an Uber car, Alejandra Procuna is taking me,' and we took the picture."

Procuna, 47, started her career in 1990 as "Georgette" in Mexican telenovela "Yo compro esa mujer." In 2013–14 she was "Dominga" in famous telenovela "Lo que la vida me robó," appearing in 103 episodes. The soap opera was an adaptation of the 1983 telenovela "Bodas de odio," which had another revival,  "Amor real" produced by Carla Estrada in 2003. 

Her last role was as "Elena" in 2016 telenovela "Corazón que miente."

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