Johnny Depp's legal team accused Amber Heard of using drugs, attacking her ex-partner, and distorting photographs she used as evidence against the Pirates of the Caribbean actor's.

On Thursday, May 17, the Aquaman actress was cross-examined on her claims that Johnny might be violent while under alcohol and narcotics.

To begin with, Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for $50 million for a column she wrote in which she claimed to have been a victim of domestic abuse. The Black Mass actor has denied any physical contact with his ex-wife.

Amber Heard is "firing spin docs and altering trial tactics" according to Globe Magazine 's upcoming May 23, 2022 issue, as Johnny Depp's witnesses reportedly ripped her to bits.

According to the entertainment news outlet, the Into the Woods star allegedly had his ex-ladylove drowning in her own rage at their Virginia trial.

With fascinating testimony and even laughing, Johnny Depp apparently looked to have the jury eating out of his hands, alleging he was the victim of Amber Heard's alleged violence and abuse during their marriage. Dr. Shannon Curry, who assessed Amber for the film Never Back Down, testified that she had two personality disorders and was "manipulative" and "shallow."

If Amber Heard wasn't the "center of attention," Shannon said, she'd "make up stories to try to get attention, playing the victim or princess role." For his part, Johnny Depp apparently continues to receive support from his supporters, with a whopping 15 million Instagram followers as a result of his court evidence.

On the other hand, Amber Heard fired her public relations firm, Precision Strategies, just days before her testimony. The actress also attempted to have the case dismissed, alleging that Johnny Depp had not proven his allegations. Her motion, however, was refused by the judge.

Amber Heard's personal nurse, Erin Falati, who treated her beginning in August 2014 and claimed that the "Magic Mike XXL" star is a "mess," gave the most stunning and controversial testimony.

Heard disclosed "a history of substance abuse, including an addiction to cocaine and liquor," she stated in a video deposition. Every day, she consumes one to three glasses of red wine."

According to Erin Falati, Amber Heard reacts to frustration with "anger and rage," as well as "sudden mood swings." Per reports, the nurse continued: "You see someone sad and they quickly transition to extreme a pendulum,"

Erin Falati added that Amber Heard also suffered from "jealousy and anxiety issues" about Johnny Depp's celebrity and "ability to interact with other women."

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp's lawyer questioned Amber Heard in court on Tuesday about why she did not seek medical assistance despite stating she had scratches and bruises from the altercation.

Attorney Camilla Velasquez asked (per BBC News): "You're the one who assaulted someone with a bottle in Australia, isn't that right Ms Heard."

Amber Heard responded by saying she "didn't assault" Johnny Depp. The One More Time actress did, however, admit to striking her ex-husband on many occasions, which she said occurred after "years of not defending" herself.

On Monday, Amber Heard reiterated the identical claims, claiming that she "reactively" hit him during physical battles. Jurors also read an excerpt from Amber's "love notes" notebook, in which she appeared to apologize to Johnny Depp.

"I'm sorry, I can get crazy," the 'North Country' actress wrote per Vulture. "I'm sorry if I offended you. When I'm hurt, I may be a jerk," Heard added.

"It's important to apologize when you're trying to move past fights," Amber Heard explained in the entry. Attorney Camille Vasquez also questioned the accuracy of a photo taken in May 2016 that Amber claims depicts the aftermath of Johnny Depp's alleged physical abuse.

Johnny Depp's lawyer inquired if Heard altered the images. "No, I've never edited a photograph," Amber Heard retorted.

Amber Heard has repeatedly described Johnny Depp's drug use as troublesome and a source of friction in their marriage, as most, if not all, fans are aware.

Camilla Vasquez, Depp's attorney, asked: "Your original idea was to do drugs on an island after your rehearsal dinner to the drug-fueled monster that you were about to marry, right?"

In response, Amber Heard stated that the itinerary was a draft and that there would be "weed" at the event. On her 30th birthday, the Friday Night Lights actress acknowledged to doing drugs.

Camille Vasquez, during cross-examination, asked Amber about being the "jealous one," who purportedly got her job in Aquaman because of Johnny.

"No, Ms. Vasquez, I got that role by auditioning," Amber Heard said.

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