Simon Cowell, with how he speaks especially to contests of “America’s Got Talent,” has already earned his reputation for being straightforward and even mean. However, he has been branded both a “sleazebag” and “liar,” traits not normally associated with him, by none other than his long-time nemesis, Howard Stern. 
On “The Stern Show” Wednesday morning, Stern lambasted Cowell and wished him ill. “Personally would I love to see Simon Cowell f—ing suck one-up his a–.” Stern said. “…In other words, would I love to see him fall flat on his face."
It can be remembered that the feud between the two started in 2015, mainly because of the Sony email hack. Because of this hack, Stern found out that Cowell was allegedly encouraging executives to remove Stern from “America's Got Talent” and calling for them to hire him instead. While this is four years ago, Stern still has not moved on and forgiven Cowell. 

Stern claimed that it enrages him up until today when he remembers Cowell sneakily striving to get his job away from him, which he would not know if there was no hacking. “My only beef with him is he had a campaign behind my back, which I wouldn’t have known if the Koreans hadn’t hacked Sony. They exposed these emails he had going, ‘We can get rid of Stern and I’ll work for so much cheaper.’" Stern explained.  

His anger does not stem from losing a job he wanted though. He really just think Cowell as being too underhanded through it all.  “And by the way, if I had really wanted that job, then I would’ve been pissed. But I just find him sleazy and he is a liar,” he said. 

 Stern said he hated it all the more when Cowell called him up to deny the whole thing, saying the emails were all fabricated. Stern said that it felt as in Cowell thought he was a stupid man and could be convinced that the hack was not true.  

The renowned radio host is not known for mincing his words when he wants to say something. In fact, in his memoir “Howard Stern Comes Again,” he wrote that his narcissism was so strong back in the early days that it inhibited him from appreciating or caring what others might be feeling towards him.  

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