Andrea Noel
Andrea Noel, a freelance reporter based in Mexico City, was harassed by an unidentified man while she was walking in the streets in the middle of the day. Facebook/Andrea Noel

Freelance journalist Andrea Noel found herself battling a male-dominated society and a corrupted justice system after publicly announcing a man in the streets of La Condesa had harassed her in the middle of the day earlier this month. The Mexico-based reporter, who continues to ask for help to catch the man that did this to her, is now fearing for her life after constantly receiving hate messages and death threats in both, social media and the privacy of her own home.

“All it takes is someone who actually means what they are saying, because there are some that have been writing me since yesterday and today again, and all this has me thinking if I should just stay away from social media, shut up and leave the country, because it’s not worth staying here and let something bad happen to me,” La Raza reports.

According to the publication, Andrea has every reason to live in fear. On Monday night, she felt a laser light on her forehead while she was writing on her computer. When she walked to the window, she saw a BMW parked outside and several people inside, one of them was the one pointing at her head. Noel added she immediately called the police, but once again, no one came to her rescue.

The terror doesn’t stop there, the young woman confessed she can’t feel safe anywhere anymore and her constant contact with the local authorities is useless because they are not responding to her complaints. On Tuesday morning, a Twitter user sent her a death treat via private message and warned her he/she knew exactly where she was, and added a photo of her location.

“My biggest concern, aside from the fact that I want to find the guy who did this, is the thousands of death and rape threats that I keep getting every second; things are getting out of control, and there’s people posting my location on the Internet, I have people coming to my house, I had to call the police at 9pm one day and leave. These are the kind of things that make you think, well, maybe they’ll win and I’ll just shut up,” the young woman said to Sin Embargo.

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