Angelique Boyer Reunites With 'Rebelde' Co-Stars, See Photos Here!

The original cast of girls of "Rebelde". Televisa

Angelique BoyerKarla Cossio and Estefania Villareal had a mini "Rebelde" reunion and it brought us back a lot of memories. The trio was part of the supporting cast of the hit Televisa telenovela and have come a long way since their "rebellious" days. Vico (Boyer), Pili (Cossio) and Celina (Villareal) were back together again as if it was 2004 again. They girls look spectacular and the reunion gave us the feels for a bigger reunion with the whole cast. Come on Pedro Damián (the producer), please make it happen because we don't want THIS to happen! See photos of the encounter below and tell us what you think!

"Rebelde" took place at the “Elite Way School” an exclusive, internationally recognized prep school where teenagers of the upper crust of society receive excellent schooling and can establish social connections that will ensure them a successful future. This school also offers a scholarship program for the underprivileged who show academic or athletic excellence; sadly, however, few of these ever manage to graduate. A secret society called “The Lodge” has made it their mission to maintain the “purity” of their breed by harassing the scholarship students and forcing them out.

Among the fresh crop of students who arrive at the summer club that preps them for the new school term, we find Mia, Miguel, Diego and Roberta, four eager teenagers who, in spite of their marked differences, will discover something that will bring them together in the face of all prejudice: their overwhelming love for music.

Roberta, the daughter of a popular singer, rebels against rules and social conventions. Having grown up in the shadow of her famous mother has made her feel insecure of her own beauty and her considerable musical talent.

Miguel was born and raised in Monterrey city, and is studying on a scholarship. His true reason for being here, however, is not to make friends and climb the sicoal ladder, but to find and destroy the man he blames for having caused the ruin and death of his father. His whole life comes crashing down on him when he realizes that his hated enemy is the father of the girl he loves, Mia.

For Diego, the son of a prominent politician, music is only a hobby. He has always known that his future was in politics, and he has adopted the domineering attitude and high handed manner of his father, whom he idolizes but can never seem to please.

Mia is the daughter of a well known fashion entretreneur, and as such, she abhors bad taste. She is popular, cheerful and outgoing, but her fragile soap-bubble world will burst when her father falls in love with a woman she considers insufferably vulgar: Alma Rey, Roberta’s mother.

These four adolescents, and their classmates, will taste new experiences that will help them mold their intellectual and moral development, and, under the influence of Enrique Madariaga, will lead them to question the values of their parents. Madariaga, a famous writer and a former scholarship graduate of the school, as their ethics professor, will lead them along the path of right action and dignity, and will declare war against the infamous Lodge.

“Rebelde” is the rivetting story of teenagers who awaken to the harsh realities of life in a privileged school environment where power, tradition and material gain are everything, and where only the strongest in spirit will find the wellspring of courage to fight for their right to feel, to love, to break down social barriers, and to be themselves.

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