The Georgia police are on the lookout for a miscreant, who stabbed a teenage staffer at a Dunkin' Donuts outlet in Union City after his favorite order on the menu ran out of stock. The assault occurred at around 6 p.m. on Saturday, and was captured in bits and pieces on the surveillance video.

It has been reported that the customer, was quite irate upon learning that his favorite doughnut flavor wasn’t available and left the drive-thru fuming, only to return to the restaurant, which is 20 miles southwest of Atlanta, the second time with a planned attack on the 17-year-old employee.

While the root cause of the customer’s erratic behavior is yet to be known, it is learned that a scuffle is what led to the unruly act. “They both engaged in a physical dispute between each other and once that happened, then he (the suspect) of course pulled out a knife,” said Union City police officer Jerome Turner, as per a media outlet.

The employee who suffered a stab wound on her left arm was treated. She firmly resisted being taken to a hospital and is recovering well. Cops are working doubly hard to ensure untoward instances don’t occur in the future. “We just don’t want him showing up at another Dunkin’ Donuts or any other business or anywhere in public and having the temper where he can make this kind of an assault,” said Turner as per a media outlet.

Officials released surveillance images to encourage the public to help them identify and nab the suspect at the earliest. The suspect allegedly left one of his tennis shoes at the location before fleeing the scene.

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