Police in Florida were alerted about the mysterious killing of a 15-year-old boy Sunday in Ocala. Chris Chevelon Jr., a 10th-grader at Vanguard High, succumbed to serious injuries after being fatally shot by a bunch of unknown occupants in a vehicle. The incident occurred around noon at the Sutton Place Apartments.

“He ended up being the only one that didn’t run across to my house area. As he didn’t run across to my house area, he kind of stood,” said a witness whose son was playing in the ground at that time. “And everybody started coming out of their door because of no more gunshots. Then, he tumbled and that’s how it all ended,” he added.

While not much is known about whether Chevelon had issues with a select group of people, a further probe is underway to get to the root of an incident that seems like a homicide. Chevelon, who was brutally wounded, by the time cops arrived at the scene, reportedly received life-saving measures by the Ocala Police Department before he was rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

From whatever little evidence that the Ocala Police Major Crimes Detectives have gathered so far, it is certain that someone somewhere was trying to tamper with proofs. A juvenile witness, who confessed to taking the firearm from the shooting scene, has been arrested.

Chevy, as the deceased teen was popularly known, was a sportsperson who played for the junior varsity football team. Peers and teachers are having a tough time digesting the news of his loss. “Teachers are having the toughest time with his death,” said a district representative as per a media outlet.

His team created a Facebook post in fond remembrance of the teen, that read: “Rest In Peace Chris Chevelon Jr. you will be missed but never forgotten by your friends, family, teammates, and coaches. Once a Knight always a Knight in life and death. We love you Chevy.”

Detectives are likely to get into multiple rounds of conversation with witnesses in a bid to dig deeper and get any possible evidence about suspects. “We ask that the public come forward with any information that could help solve this case and bring justice to the family of young Mr. Chevelon,” said a spokesperson for Ocala Police Department.

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