A mother from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania found herself jailed on Monday, Dec. 20, after she allegedly threw a bottle of bleach into an 11-year-old girl’s face and punched the 6th grader victim's mom when the parent tried to intervene.

Thirty-year-old Marlaina Lucas from Harrisburg has been charged with aggravated assault and assault after a fight between her daughter and the 11-year-old child ended with Lucas assaulting both the underage child and the victim's mother who attempted to stop the fight, Penn Live reported.

Lucas' daughter and the 11-year-old child reportedly had a dispute, and the assailant's child came to confront the 6th grader after school outside of Rowland Academy. The encounter quickly escalated into a fight. The specific reason for the altercation and confrontation is still being investigated, according to CBS 21 News.

Lucas, seeing the commotion, left her vehicle and emptied a water bottle on the 11-year-old child her daughter was fighting, covering the victim's face and eyes with a substance later identified by the minor as bleach. It is not clear why Lucas had a bottle of bleach with her, or if this was a planned accessory to the fight, the Daily Beast reported.

The 11-year-old’s mother attempted to intervene in the fight; however, Lucas quickly punched her in the face and attacked her, causing bruises and cuts. Lucas tried to flee the scene, but police officers responding to the incident subsequently took her into custody. She spent a night in jail before posting a $25,000 bond on Tuesday morning.

The school board has banned Lucas from ever being on school property, with the punishment for her daughter still being deliberated as investigations continue. School Superintendent Eric Turman promises results as they attempt to reduce violent incidents in their student body.

“We will impose the most serious actions possible under the disciplinary code,” Turman said. “Our schools must be a safe place.”

Pennsylvania mother Marlaina Lucas found herself banned from school property and charged with assault after she reportedly threw a bottle of bleach on her daughter's classmate on Monday after a fight at school. This is a representational image. Clay Banks/Unsplash.

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