A former Wisconsin sheriff’s deputy has been arrested and charged in connection with several accusations of child sexual assault, including allegedly telling an 8-year-old abuse victim that the boy "could be a pornstar someday."

Gary Aaron Huber, 34, of Milton, who served as a deputy sheriff in Rock County from August 2016 through July 2021, has been taken into custody and charged with 10 sexual abuse charges against children after several reports of underage abuse surfaced against him.

Huber has been accused of sexually assaulting at least four of his relatives. One of Huber's kin, who was born in 1996, revealed that the officer began molesting him at a very young age and also provided the minor victim with opiate patches, Law & Crime reported.

After investigators interviewed all four of his alleged victims, the authorities were enlightened of Huber's pattern of abuse, as he allegedly frequently showed the underage victims pornography and habitually fondled and touched them in inappropriate areas.

One of his accusers said that Huber began exposing him to pornography when he was barely 8-years-old, even telling him that the boy could "be a porn star someday." The victim was regularly subjected to abuse until he turned 15 in 2016, according to Fort Wayne's NBC.

Another young relative of Huber said that his final encounter with the disgraced deputy was in the fall of 2016, in a case of abuse that involved a sex doll.

A victim has also come forward saying that Huber would play “grab ass” with him and try to pull his pants down. He added that Huber also coerced him to put on a thong and made him drive around with him in his truck.

Huber has been arrested in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on Monday, Dec. 13. According to court records, he appeared in court on Tuesday, Dec. 14.

He has been charged with one count of first-degree child sex assault, one count of repeated sexual assault of a child, three counts of child enticement, two counts of causing a child between 13 and 18 years old to listen to sexual activity, and three counts of exposing the genitals, pubic area, or intimate parts to a child.

Allegations of criminal behavior against Huber were reported to Sheriff’s Office officials on July 1, 2021. Following this, Huber allegedly quit his job at the Rock County Sheriff’s Office to avoid an internal investigation.

Huber reportedly served in the U.S. Marine Corps and was briefly stationed in Iraq. Huber, who is a 2006 Homestead High School graduate, later received a degree in criminal justice from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Gary Aaron Huber, 34, an ex-deputy has been charged in connection with several instances of alleged child sexual assault, including telling an 8-year-old abuse victim that the boy "could be a pornstar someday." Law Enforcement

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