A New Jersey mother has been arrested last week amid allegations she subjected her 14-year-old daughter to years of recurring abuse. The revelations came after the child ran away from home.

According to a criminal complaint against Jamie Moore, 40, the abusive mom has been charged with child endangerment and accused of physical abuse and neglect, for allegedly refusing to send her kids to school, letting them starve, and ultimately attacking daughter Jashyah Moore, 14, with a steak knife.

The paperwork further alleged the stab wounds remain visible on the child's shoulder area, according to the Daily Beast.

Moore is also accused of spraying bleach in the girl's eyes and pulling her braids out, as well as hitting her in the head with a frying pan and other household objects like hangers and a broom handle.

The child also claims Moore forced her to panhandle and that the abusive mom used to place her knees on her neck to restrain her breathing.

According to prosecutors, Jashyah went missing after Moore ordered her to find a lost EBT card. They contended the mother threatened the girl not to come home if she failed to locate it and that before the teen left, another round of verbal and physical abuse ensued, the New York Daily News reported.

Fearing she would again be abused by her mother, the 14-year-old decided to hide in New York instead.

“The young lady appears to have run away,” acting Essex County Prosecutor Theodore Stephens III said. “And she did not want to make herself known to anyone as to where she was. She seemed to be ... more so at ease where she was.”

Stephens added Jashyah seemed to have stayed in various locations in New Jersey and New York for about a month before she was found last Thursday at a shelter in Harlem.

During the teen's alleged disappearance, Moore maintained the child did not run away from home and even asked the help of police and the public to help locate the teen.

The girl and her brother, 3, are now under the care of the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency, ABC7 New York noted.

Moore will appear in court on Wednesday for a detention hearing.

Essex County Prosecutor’s Office
Jamie Moore, 40, has been charged with child endangerment and accused of physical abuse and neglect. Essex County Prosecutor’s Office

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