Latino artists Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz reunite with acclaimed Spanish director and Oscar-winning screenwriter Pedro Almodovar for the movie “Pain & Glory” (“Dolo Y Gloria”), which just released its first trailer.

Banderas and Almodovar first did a collaboration in 1982 for the film “Labyrinth of Passion,” while Cruz and Almodovar first collaborated in a 1917 movie titled “Live Flesh.” The three all worked together back in 2013 in the movie “I’m So Excited,” where the 58-year-old actor and the 44-year-old actress appeared for a cameo role. Officially it seems that “Pain & Glory” is the first movie where Banderas and Cruz are co-starring.

The trailer for “Pain & Glory” looks like a collection of past and present scenes in the life of Bandera’s character, an aging film director named Salvador Mallo, as he thinks back on his various relationships from childhood to adult life.

The first footage shows Banderas’ character sitting at the bottom of a pool. Thereafter it displays a shot where Cruz’s character embraces a young boy and then a footage of Salvador sitting next to a woman with blonde hair. Then it flashes past and present scenes in the life of Salvador, as well as the different characters in his life.

The trailer drifts back and forth in time, showing both young and adult Salvador interacting with his mother. Watching the trailer, it seems to show that Cruz’s character is the mother of Salvador, who at present-day setting is an old woman portrayed by award-winning actress Julieta Serrano.

Watching further, one part of the trailer shows Salvador undergoing an MRI test, which could mean that at present day Salvador is sick and dying, perhaps the reason he has been reflecting on his past.

The 90-second-long trailer does not contain any dialogues. The sorrow and mystery surrounding the trailer keep viewers more intrigued about the characters in the life of Salvador. Watch complete trailer below.

Joining the cast of “Pain & Glory” are Raúl Arévalo, Asier Etxeandia, Cecille Roth, Susi Sánchez, Leonardo Sbaraglia and many more.

“Pain & Glory” will be released on March 22 in Spain. No date has been confirmed yet for its international release.