The Apple Watch release date is officially here as many first adopters have received the new wearable in the mail and are using it for the first time. In a previous article, we mentioned that the Apple Watch is more water resistant than we expected. Now, it seems like the Apple Watch is capable of more features and functions than we expected as well. Here are some of the best games that will be available on the Apple Watch:


Apple Watch Lifeline game

Lifeline is a classic game about  of survival that involves the aftermath of a terrifying crash landing on an moon. Taylor, the protagonist, is stranded while the rest of his crew is either dead or missing. The story plays out in real time and Taylor's only tool of survival is a line of communication to you, the player. The choices you make for Taylor greatly change the outcome of the game.

View Lifeline on the App Store.


Apple Watch Runeblade

Runeblade calls itself the "first fantasy adventure for Apple Watch". Runeblade plays like a classic RPG game and features familiar themes including magic and creatures. The story revolves around an order known as the War Mages, who must now face the impossible wrath of corrupt gods that intend to destroy the world.


View Runeblade on the App Store.


Apple Watch Letterpad

Letterpad is Scrabble Lite designed to be played on an Apple Watch. The rules are pretty straightforward. nine random letters will appear on the screen and it will be your job to arrange them to spell as many words as possible.

View Letterpad on the App Store.


Apple Watch Hatchi

Last but not least, here is our favorite throwback video game for the Apple Watch. The Tamagotchi game that was so popular in the '90s returns in all-new format but it still possesses the same old look. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Tamagotchi and the latest and greatest Hatchi video game for the Apple Watch, the objective of the game is to care for a digital pet that resides within your device. 

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